Smells like freak spirit

I'm who I am for a lot of reasons, and maybe, I'll never know most of them. I am into lot of things, so, you'll see a little bit of everything

Clive: I dont think I ever want to have sex. Gypsy: Mm-hmm Clive: Im serious. Gypsy: Ok. Clive: I just want someone to kiss, with big, soft, delicious lips. Hed have to smother me in old-school romance. I mean, candles and incense, Moët and Chandon, but only in a deserted castle in the south of France. Gypsy: [releases pent-up laughter] Oh my god. You are so much more of a girl than I am.

And then, Clive loose his virginity with that guy :) lol
  • 7 July 2013
  • 17