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Schlaf mein Kleines träume süß, Bald bist du Im Paradies.
Denn gleich öffnet sich die Tür, und ein Monster kommt zu dir. Seine Finger sind lang und dünn.. #Schlaflied #Die #Ärzte #Monster #drawing #scary #fingers #shadows #fear #Horror
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Nuevo pseudo-graffiti en mi cortina!  ” #People #discriminate because they focus on building #walls instead of #bridges “
En la feeeriaaaa #vintage #americanshop #bow
Soy lo más tierno del mundo, lo mínimo que puedo hacer por mi mami  #happybday #ilovemymom #breakfast #heart  #nuts
Y me compré la remera nomas <3 #newt-shirt #snakes
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warning! my blog may cause joy♡


warning! my blog may cause joy♡

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Just some of the amazing paintings, drawings and collages by Kurt Cobain.

1. Airbrush illustration of a guitarist playing in the middle of an abstract landscape, circa 1982-84. This piece was painted as a practice sketch before completing a final school assignment

2. Pencil on paper drawing of Iron Maiden mascot from his journals.

3. Oil on canvas painting of a large, ghostly marionette cradling a poppy flower in the crook of it’s arm, whilst a child-like marionette doll clings to it’s shoulder, used for the front cover of the Incesticide release.

4. An assemblage of Stargazer lilies and a heart-shaped box on tin foil, used for the front cover of the Heart-Shaped Box single release.

5. An assemblage of Stargazer lilies and anatomical models, photographed by Charles Peterson for the reverse cover of the In Utero release.

6. An assemblage of magazine cutouts, anatomical models and toy figures.

7. Airbrush illustration of a couple of two aging, Reagan-era punks in the post-apocalypse. Informally known as “Punk American Gothic.”

8. Painting of a phallus, sperm, a child with a warped eye, a fetus, a seahorse, and a black skeletal figure.

9. Painting of a lighthouse, dated 1980. Used for the front cover of Beverly Cobain’s book, When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide For Depressed Teens.

10. Painting of a marionette and a seahorse. The marionette appears to be lighting a fire using a hand-drill.

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